Cloud Desktop Financials


Instead of buying expensing computer hardware as capital expenditure, low monthly cloud operating expenses can be used to optimize financial cash flow.

Predictable Hardware Expenditure

There are no surprise expenditures of a failed server or having to perform a desktop refresh with future unknown unpredictable costs. All costs are fixed to employees or physical space, depending on preferred business financial preference.

Pay for only what is needed

Technology costs grow and shrink with your business needs. There's no need to buy more in case of growth (seasonal or organic). There's no need to carry costs for technology that is not utilized.

Predictable Security Posture

There is no exposure to a virus cryptojacking. Cloud desktops are periodically backed up with constant anti-virus and intrusion prevention controls.

No Windows of MS Office Licensing costs

There are no expensive software maintenance fees with contracts that have to be negotiated. Everything is included and upgradeable at any time.

24/7 Support Included

All provided technology has support costs included. There's no need to buy additional support contacts for forecast project-based costs for standard software upgrades.


Soft benefits of the cloud desktop that translate into real returns.


Reduction in Office Energy Costs


Employee productivity increase


Increase in employee collaboration