Enterprise Email, Calendaring and Collaboration

All the functionality without the expensive and time-consuming task of setting up & maintaining an in-house exchange server.

With over 70 million mailboxes worldwide, Olafe email system is the same one used by thousands of organizations in education, service providers, business, government, non-profits, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, transportation, technology, advertising and media, real estate, retail, and more. Olafe provides reliable services for email, calendar, contacts and tasks from wherever you’re located. Without the CapEx cost of an in-house email Exchange server.


Anytime, Anywhere AccessAnytime, Anywhere access

Olafe empowers your workforce by delivering reliable and easy to use services for email, calendar, contacts and tasks from wherever you are located. Even on the go, your Smartphone is always in synch. If you’re away from your computer, use web mail via any computer that has Internet.

Security and AvailabilitySecurity and Availability

Experience real 99.9% up time with Olafe. Protect your business communication and sensitive information in order to meet internal and regulatory compliance. Olafe systems are continually monitored, maintained and upgraded to ensure the best service possible.


Pay only for what you use by adding/removing mailboxes as employees come and go. When deleting a mailbox, you have the ability to move its data to a public folder, or to another mailbox user. No information will be lost! We give businesses the ability to use the same tools as the big guys. Imagine a corporate level hosted email service where you don’t need to purchase costly hardware/software and no upgrades or maintenance needed on your end. Olafe makes this a reality.


Small and medium size businesses simply can’t afford to have multiple expensive IT professionals on staff. Don’t let this stop you from taking advantage of all the technology once only available to the big businesses. With Olafe, you have certified engineers who have decades of experience and extensive training at your beck and call. Your business can take full advantage of the simplicity and cost savings of an outsourced IT department.