With the varying needs and preferences of our users, Olafe is 100% compatible with any operating system or device commonly used in business.

We host your company’s Windows operating system on our servers; your hosted operating system performs exactly like a locally installed operating system but can be accessed from any Internet- enabled device no matter where you are. In addition to being compatible with all Windows operating systems, you can use any device manufactured by Microsoft, such as the Microsoft Surface or Windows Phone, to connect to your hosted infrastructure.

All of Olafe’s hosted services are also compatible with Apple operating systems, Mac OS and iOS. Whether your company runs on Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, or a previous Mac OS X, we can host your company’s IT infrastructure on servers in our state-of- the -art -data centers. You can also use any Apple product (MacBook, iMac, iPhone, or iPad) to access your hosted infrastructure.

You don’t have to give up your favorite operating system to migrate your company’s infrastructure to a hosted solution. For clients that prefer the freedom offered by a Linux operating system, Olafe can provide them with our full suite of hosted solutions, just like with Windows and Apple operating systems.

No matter which operating system you choose for your business’s hosted solutions, you can access your data, desktops, and applications from any Android-based device. All you need is an Internet connection; you can use your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, HTC Incredible, or Kindle Fire to access your hosted infrastructure.

Olafe hosted solutions are compatible with any operating system and device. For more details, contact an Olafe sales representative today.

Hosted Desktop Compatibility