Hosted Windows Desktop is a New Way of Thinking

hosted desktop benefitsThis is a new model, a new way of thinking about hardware and software. Hosted desktops feature a shift from a personal computer being defined as a physical piece of hardware, to a model where any browser—large screen or small—becomes an instant gateway to your software applications, documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, photos, etc.

Hosted Desktop Features Offer the Following Benefits:

  • Peace of Mind—Your data is stored in redundant, secure and fortified data centers. Should your local office suffer from a disaster, your hosted virtual desktop network will still be accessible via any internet connection.
  • Control Expenses—One of the best hosted windows desktop features is that in a couple of clicks you can scale up/down the number of seats you need. Your commitment is on a month to month basis and is only as long as your business needs require.
  • 24/7/365 Accessibility—With hosted virtual desktop the mantra of “Anytime. Anywhere.” becomes more than just a cliche or buzzwords. Hosted desktops enable you to have access to your applications, documents and data from anywhere. You are never more than a connection away from the office.
  • Improve Cash Flow—As your Windows hosted desktop provider our month to month billing will be foreseeable and constant. No longer will software upgrades and purchases have a negative impact on cash-flow. Budgeting is easier with hosted virtual desktops.
  • Maximize Employee Satisfaction and Retention—Imagine the loyalty you’ll earn when a parent staying home with a sick child doesn’t have to take a vacation day. In addition, the hosted virtual desktop solution could be the difference between retaining a key employee via a part-time work from home arrangement and having that employee resign or take an extended leave of absence in order to take care of an extenuating family circumstance.
  • Secure File Sharing—Your team, regardless of geographic location, can transfer files to the shared drive within your virtual network. Sharing is safe and secure, which is something email often is not.
  • Data Security—Complete daily back-ups and enterprise grade firewall protection keeps your hosted virtual desktops safe and secure. Your connection to your hosted virtual desktop is always secure and encrypted.
  • Reduce Hardware Expenses—You are no longer tied to physical hardware. No more replacing desktops or expensive server hardware. With our scalable solutions, you only pay for the resources you need.
  • Increase Productivity—The beauty of hosted desktops are their universal accessibility.Whether in the office,on the road,or at home,employee productivity benefits from the flexibility of being able to work, where & when they are able.
  • The Tech Support Advantage—As a leading hosted desktop provider we take pride in 24/7/365 support which is available to all your employees from anywhere.

Some Additional Benefits of Windows Hosted Desktop Solution:

  • Free Anti-spam and Anti-Virus Protection—Anti-spam and anti-virus protection software is a standard with all of our plans. Plus, upgrading and maintaining these software utilities is part of our maintenance schedule, not yours.
  • Separate Work From Home—While you access your hosted Windows desktop with your PC/device at home, the actually work will all stay “at the office.” Productivity increases from eliminating the problem of forgetting files and version control.
  • The Best of Both Worlds—While your Windows hosted desktop is in the cloud, you still have access to saving local, printing local and continued utilization of other local devices.
  • Realign IT’s Focus—With less time needed for maintenance and troubleshooting, IT can work proactively to grow the business and contribute to the bottom line.
  • Cut Your Electric Bill—An always-on in-house server and associated hardware not only takes up space but it consumes electricity too. A hosted desktop solution will also save you money on your monthly utilities.
  • Software standardization—Each of our plans has an office suite tailored to that tier. Please also remember, we handle the upgrades too. Allow your IT people to focus on larger more pressing challenges.

The Hosted Virtual Desktop Future is Now

What’s most impressive is that the hosted desktop experience is so evolved that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the new model and the old. The hosted desktop solution is so seamless in fact that an application opened via hosted desktop sits in your task bar as if the software was being run on your client. Today’s hosted desktop technology takes yesterday’s Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Services to the next level and beyond.


Full Desktop Experience

  • Same experience using the Olafe Cloud Desktop as your desktop PC
  • Applications work the same as your desktop PC
  • Performs just like your desktop PC, even over wireless broadband
  • Access all business data and applications from anywhere

Work From Anywhere

  • Work on Any Device- Ipad, Mac, Laptop with the same look and feel as your desktop
  • Access your data from anywhere in the world – at home, on a train or abroad
  • Employees can work and update files on the move
  • Allows you to work from home, even in bad weather, or if the kids are off sick!

Save Money

  • Dramatically cut your IT costs and energy bills
  • No capital equipment costs
  • Instant 24/7 IT support included
  • Only pay for what you use. Instant scalability to meet your business needs
  • Flexible and easy to manage monthly payments
  • No expensive software to buy
  • Lower cost insurance premiums


  • Secure, encrypted internet connection
  • Guaranteed data privacy and security
  • Disaster recovery backup
  • High availability servers and disk storage
  • 24/7 infrastructure monitoring team
  • Centralized management of user profiles
  • No data is stored on your laptop, iPad, PC, etc.
  • Customizable business grade user internet access